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Toward Civic Integrity, A Book Review

This column was first published September 30, 2010 on  the Empire Page website. After more than six years of haggling, the final hurdles were recently overcome for the construction of a Wal-Mart Supercenter within the city limits of Gloversville in Fulton County in upstate New York. While Gloversville City Court Judge Vincent DeSantis, author of […]

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Why (Good) Writers Revise

Beginning writers tend to get hung up in plotting their stories and forget that what makes a good story is good writing. People are often amazed when I tell them that I don’t have any problem coming up with story ideas. The problem is in the execution. Execution involves more than getting the story down […]

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Book Review: The Woman Who Knew Too Much

The Woman Who Knew Too Much by B. (Bett) Reece Johnson is the first of three Cordelia Morgan mysteries, the last of which appeared ten years ago. Some readers may have a difficulty with the structure of this novel because Cordelia Morgan is not the protagonist or is at best a co-protagonist with Jet Butler, […]

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