How I’m Getting Better

My goal is to get better as a writer. I wrote my first novel with very little input until it was finished, but I’ve found a way to get other writers to critique my short stories and the initial chapters of my next (untitled) novel by becoming part of

What makes this British Isles website so valuable is that you have to be willing to read and critique other people’s works before yours can be reviewed. For each selection you read you earn a credit which you can assign to something you wrote.

Each reviewer is expected to grade your writing on 8 specific criteria — characters, plot, pace, use of language, etc. — AND write a critique of at least 100 words AND pass a 5 question test that you’ve set up to prove that they read your story.

So far the feedback I’ve received has been very helpful and I hope I’ve been able to help the people whose writings I’ve read and critiqued.

There are other goodies to be derived from the site, but that’s the essence and for any fiction writer who is serious about h/h trade and who is still learning, is a great place to start.

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