News from the Mainstream

Teresa Poletti, columnist, has taken notice of the arrival of self-publishing. (E-books causing seismic shift in publishing).

Citing recent news previously covered in this blog, including Kindle sales topping print sales at Amazon, Liberty Media’s bid for Barnes & Noble, Amazon’s announcement that it is launching its own imprints and the decision of mainstream writers to self-publish rather than swim upstream in today’s publishing industry environment, Poletti notes the arrival of more feature rich e-book readers (which she might have pointed out will only accelerate the shift from print to digital).

Poletti cites recent monthly sales numbers: Hardcover: $96.6 million, Paperback: $115.9 million & self-pub: $69 million. The latter of course is rising rapidly while adult paperback are FALLING.

Most interesting is the quote from literary agent Ted Weinstein who ought to know where of he speaks: “When you have widespread electronic distribution of books, whether e-books or print-on-demand, all of the barriers of entry disappear,” said Ted Weinstein, a San Francisco literary agent. “All of a sudden the supply chain, their warehouses, their ability to move tons of paper to and from retailers, transforms from a barrier to entry to an albatross.”

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