Politics and Suspense

I’m probably not the first person to notice this, but I believe there’s a reason that suspense and thriller fiction is very popular these days.

Many people – not just here in the US of A – feel that individuals have less and less liberty every year and that Government with a capital G has more and more. How often have you run up against a situation where common sense, not to mention common courtesy, has been thrown out the window and you’re left bending over backwards to try to accomplish a task that ought to take 10 minutes – whether it’s getting a car registered or something that is a matter of life or death? We’ve all experienced it and we all wonder where will it end!

What then does suspense fiction offer us? Suspense is often the story of an individual – often an ordinary person who is trying to wend h/h way through life without too many bumps and bruises – who is put in a situation, not of their making, that is life threatening for themselves or someone else and they find they must rise to the occasion or all is lost. Good suspense writers keep you on the edge of your seat from page one to page 375. In the end that individual prevails and not only do the bad guys get theirs, but the well-meaning jerks who didn’t want to admit the danger or the truth, get a few kicks in the butt along the way. Yippee.

In the Expendable Man, my protagonist, Nick Grocchi (pronounced row-key), is minding his business literally. Yet to an ambitious political figure he’s in the way…he’s expendable. I add in a few twists and turns to make it seem like Nick is truely a goner, but when tossed a life-line, he rises to the occasion and … Well, you’ll have to get a copy to find out the rest. Visit the website to find out where to get a copy in print or digital formats.

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