A Great Bookstore is Hard to Find

Independent bookstores are disappearing, but there’s one in Johnstown, NY (Fulton County) that I hope survives for a long time. Mysteries on Main Street offers more than just mysteries and of course they’ll order any book that you are looking for as long as it’s in print.

The owner Priscilla is also happy to promote local authors. She readily accepted my offer to do a signing which is now scheduled for Saturday August 6 from noon to 2 p.m. I’m local of sorts – having grown up a few miles up Rte. 30 in Gloversville and now living in the summers an hour north of Johnstown.

Of course, I’ve added all that information on my website and will email out details to friends, family and colleagues.

Now let’s hope I have enough copies on hand! Better order some now!

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