Baltimore Book Festival & Creative Writers Meetup

Although it rained steadily the first day of the Baltimore Book Festival and rain is forecast for the weekend, anyone planning to attend tomorrow (Saturday Sept. 24) or Sunday (Sept. 25) should make an effort to do so. There are some excellent workshops and panel discussions and each day there will be a group of talented writers displaying their wares in the authors’ tent.

Despite the rain, I got a chance to meet a lot of interesting people today. What is encouraging is to see how many people are using the written word to communicate creative stories and valuable information. The non-fiction writers probably had an edge on fiction writers in the room. Most of the writers are self-published, but even those whose books are published through small presses, are struggling to learn the new ropes of author marketing.

My only disappointment of the day was the failure of a single person from the Baltimore Creative Writer Meetup to show up for the networking event I’ve been publicizing for two months. I’m concerned that some ingredient is missing in that attempt at making connections among like-minded people and I’m coming to believe that I’m not the right person to supply that missing ingredient.

It looks like I’ll have to step aside and see if someone else will step in and have more luck that I have had. 70+ people have signed up with Meetup, but almost every time someone schedules a “meetup,” the turnout is dismal.

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