Excellent Questions Highlight Book Club Talk

Thank you to the members of the Gatherings at Lyndwood Book Club for reading my novel, The Expendable Man, and coming to the session with so many excellent comments and questions.

Questions varied from how I went about writing the story to how I decided to structure the novel they way it’s structured to the names of characters.

It’s very gratifying to find readers who take notes while they read and ask thoughtful questions. I’m not sure if book clubs attract people who are particularly engaged or being in a book club encourages people to be more engaged, but whatever the case, it’s great to see.

Thanks in particular to Joanne who marked the few typos that my editor and proofreaders overlooked. I’ve made a dozen changes to the original text. So now anyone who purchases a copy in either print or digital format will get a corrected version.

In the Game is on its way

I’m doing one last proof of In the Game before I start sending out copies to my readers.

In the Game is very different than The Expendable Man. It is a murder mystery set in Connecticut. The protagonist is a retired cop.

As I’ve stated previously, writing a mystery is very different from writing a suspense story. In some ways I found it harder, given the need to be more conscious of the structure of the story. Carolyn Wheat’s How to Write Killer Fiction has been very helpful in that regard.

I hope to have In the Game available before the holiday shopping season, but I’m not going to make any promises.

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