Scribophile Offers Valuable Critiques

Thanks to Kwodo Dadzie for directing me to Scribophile, a website where you can polish your skills as a writer and as a critic. In fact you will have to read and critique the writings of others in order to earn enough “karma points” to submit your own writing and receive comments and critiques.

I find I’m getting more out of Scribophile than I did from for several reasons. First, when you earn enough points to post a story, you often get multiple critiques; with YouWriteOn you only got one critique for each credit you earned.

Also Scribophile enables its members to network through forums, writers circles and favorites as well as its scratchpad feature which allows people to write brief notes to each other. I like the ability to search through multiple story options to critique rather than be assigned one randomly as is the case with YouWriteOn, and Scribophile is set up for novelists to submit their work chapter by chapter in a fashion that enables critics to follow along.

Finishing Two Mysteries

That said, I’m spending most of my time these days working on two mystery novels — In the Game and Making the Grade. I gave the latter to a new editor and was pleased to get back extensive comments in short order. I am very pleased with the quality of her comments. Having a good editor is like having a surprise birthday party. I can’t stop smiling.

Once I’m satisfied that Making the Grade is ready for public consumption I have a dilemma. It is under 50,000 words and I haven’t decided whether to publish it solely in digitial format or to offer it in print as well. I may end up offering it in print along with the second novel, the first draft of which is finished and which I’ll send to my editor after I’m done with Making the Grade.

Expendable Man Updates

I don’t know if I shared the fact that I’ve made a dozen corrections to The Expendable Man. Given that Bill O’Reilly confessed to errors in his book on Lincoln which is published by Henry Holt, the editors for whom missed both typos and factual errors, including the fact that O’Reilly refers to Lincoln being in the Oval Office, a part of the White House that wasn’t added on until the 20th century, I am not ashamed that a few errors crept into the first edition of The Expendable Man.

The errors include ‘feel’ for ‘fell’ and ‘later’ for ‘latter’ — the most common kind of errors to occur in these days of word processor spell checking. The other mistakes include instances where a word was left in a sentence that should have been removed. Example, “to call the Secretary Lasher” (P. 219).

If you would like me to send you the list of corrections, I’d be happy to do so. Email:

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