Moving Forward Thanks to Lots of Help from My Friends

Writing is often portrayed as a solo activity, but in truth, it is not–at least if the writer intends on having an audience for her/his output.  In my case, I’m blessed to have a cadre of willing readers, critiquers and proof-readers.

Today, I handed over to Barb S for proofing Part III of The Chains of Time, a heroic fiction saga which is projected to run to 300,000 pages and 6 parts. I also received the comments of Connie Jo on In the Game, a detective story I wrote a couple of years ago and had set aside to let it mature (like a good wine?).

Later in the week I’ll be getting the comments from Alexander on Part I of Chains as well as reading a chapter from Part I to the attendees of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society Critique Circle.

All that input is essential. Nothing could be more valuable than to get feedback on drafts, including whether the characters are believable and whether the story holds their interest. When writing drafts, I am concentrating on the story–the forest as it were–which often means putting trees in the wrong place or calling an elm an oak. Volunteer readers see what I often miss even when I’ve re-read a chapter six or seven times.

Another critique partner Sonja H., who is also working to get published, is especially good at pointing out scenes which lack tension and where I’ve told the reader what took place instead of showed you.

Meanwhile, I’ve scheduled two appearances that might interest some followers of this blog:

On July 20, I’ll be in Indian Lake, New York at the Abanakee Studios (off Route 28) selling my books in an authors’ tent in concert with a tourism promotion being run by the state of New York. Times: 11 Am to 3 PM.

On September 30, I’ll be giving a talk on the state of book publishing at the Gloversville New York library at 6:30 PM. I’ll have books for sale at that event also.

Please feel free to spread the word about those events, and if you’ve read one of my three available novels and have not written a review, please consider doing so. Reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s website are extremely helpful in attracting new readers.

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