Terri Lynn Merritts’ Review of The Expendable Man from Goodreads

Terri Lynn Merritts gave The Expendable Man 5 stars on Goodreads.  Here’s her review:

“The author of this excellent thriller is also my Goodreads friend Peter Pollak and he gave me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Those who know me here know that is the only kind of review I give and I do not hesitate to tear apart an awful book by even a best selling author I tend to love.

“I read a lot in the mystery/suspense/thriller genre and it is a personal favorite. This book kept me glued to my seat racing along with my heart pounding to see what would happen next.

“The expendable man was American businessman Nick Grocchi who did business deals in Eastern Europe. He is divorced with a bitchy ex wife who would not let him see their daughter and even got rid of the letters he sent to her. He makes a deal for the Turkmenistan government to buy some technology to use at their airports but unfortunately this was approved by mistake by the US government and the Secretary of State Constance Stone is furious. Americans have been sending spy planes over their airspace without permission and if this radar is installed, they will know it. She has some of her people correct this by having Nick Grocchi arrested by the Turkmenistan government, tried and convicted of bribing an official, and put in a horrible jail for 7 years.

“Two years in, he is dying of melanoma when a reporter who interviewed him after he was jailed manages to get a US Senator to intervene and get him brought back to the USA for treatment. The treatment, funded by the government, is super secret. He and another man with the same blood type receive genetic material that should be able to kill off the cancer and grow new skin.

“I am claustrophobic and have to say that the idea of being strapped down in a pod like they were creeped me up. It did the same to Nick. I was fascinated by the idea of the incredible set up and horrified when I saw an agent of the evil people who framed him placed in there as a night caretaker for him. At first, the man is spying on him but when it looks like Nick is going to pass word on to others in an attempt to find out who framed him, they have the guy insert a drug in the IV of the other guy who had accidentally gotten into Nick’s pod by mistake after repairs were done to the pods. Nick realizes the other guy was murdered and has to break out and go on the run with help from the dead guy’s old girlfriend, an old friend of his, and our intrepid reporter.

“This is very fast-paced, exciting, and full of thrills. I am so glad to have read this and am looking forward to reading more by Peter Pollak.”






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