Last Stop Receives 5-Star Review

Terri Lynn Merritts gave Last Stop on Desolation Ridge a 5-star rating on Goodreads.  Here’s her review:

“This is another excellent action/thriller book by Peter Pollak. The author gave me this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I loved it!

“Logan Gifford has caught on to the shady dealers of the people he works with at Tekram Corporation and they shove him into a shady private mental institution where he is kept in solitary confinement, kept literally in the dark, and left malnourished. They finally decide to kill him by taking him out to Desolation Ridge and shoving him off a cliff thinking he will be injured and die alone where no one goes, especially with his malnutrition and sensory deprivation.

“A gay photographer happens to be there taking photos and hears his cries. He finds him and gets help and Logan is taken to the hospital. Due to his head injuries, he cannot remember who he is, his birthday,what he did for a living or anything at all. He also does not know how he spent the past 2 years and that the evil guys have a spy in the hospital.

“He frustrates police who can’t get to the bottom of what happened and one nutritionist is a real bitch, lecturing him about eating right when the poor man was locked up and starved for 2 years through no fault of his own. He becomes very friendly with a sweet, compassionate nurse named Denise.

“I have to mention at this point a problem in the novel. Since Logan was found with no ID and is going by the name given to him by staff-Mac Johnson- he needs social services. The novel makes glaring errors here.

“It says “Medicaid approved his disability application…” and “…he was given $200 in cash on the day he left the hospital to tide him over until his first Medicaid check arrived.” Here is the problem- you apply for a Medicaid card at the state department of human resources in your county as you also apply for Food stamps (now called SNAP) and welfare. All Medicaid gives is a card to pay for medical services to poor people who qualify. To qualify for Medicaid in most states (it is a state run health insurance program the feds help finance but is mostly funded by the individual states) you must be poor and under 18, over 65, pregnant, or have cervical or breast cancer. You also MUST have Id, a birth certificate and a valid social security card. Logan would NOT qualify for Medicaid. Second, there is no such thing as Medicaid approving disability benefits nor any such thing as a Medicaid check.

“It is the Social Security Administration that approves disability. One applies at the Social Security Administration for disability and you MUST have your social security number because disability is a social security program and is based on whether or not you have enough work credits. No one, no matter what his condition, can get it without having a social security number and having worked enough to have put in enough credits for disability. A person who qualified would get a social security disability check by direct deposit to a bank account. Unfortunately most people who do qualify- around 70%- get turned down and spend years battling until finally they get before a social security administrative law judge. I have helped a lot of older family and friends with this and it’s a nightmare. In fact, my best friend battled for it for 4 years though she had been fighting cancer, lost both kidneys, had chemo brain and paralysis, and had cancer spread to her spine which crippled her. She only recently got it and then only because we finally got before an administrative law judge.

“So Logan would not be able to get any benefits from social security disability, medicaid, etc without a social security card. Later on it said Logan had applied for a social security card. He could not. You cannot apply for a new number if you had already been issued one (and a man his age would have) plus you must provide the social security administration with a valid birth certificate that they will verify online as well as other id. You can’t just go in and fill out a form with an assumed name and date of birth with no proof. I recently helped someone whose birth was not registered at birth who spent a year getting up proofs just to get the delayed birth certificate and had difficulty getting a social security card and that is even with a valid birth certificate.

“Still, this is an excellent book and fast moving. The author will want to correct this in future editions.”



I especially liked the nurse Denise a lot and felt so sorry for poor Logan. Denise, in the end, is the one who solves the case and saves him and I am hoping that they will find love with one another. Both of them deserve it. Thriller/suspense readers will definitely want to read this.

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