Expendable Man Earns Another 5-Star Review

Thank you for Joymarie for this review. If you haven’t read The Expendable Man, she explains why it’s a must read:

Peter Pollak has created a truly remarkable plot in that it is not only in the realm of possibility, but it is something that could happen to any one of us reading the book. A thriller that is written smoothly in that it carries you along like a raft on a rain swollen stream and before you know it, you literally bump into the shore.

“A magnificent ride, by a highly skilled man of imagination who manages to weave together suspense and terror along with political ambition and the power of those ‘in power’. Scary when you think that anyone could be living what they consider a normal life today and be thrown into a whirlpool of circumstances that is beyond their ability to stop…and there you are, struggling to reach for the air on the surface when you have no idea what is happening, or why it is happening.

“I was mesmerized and I loved every word. This author is ‘real’ and his writing reflects that reality. I do look forward to traveling with him on his next adventure. I am sure it will not only be just as exciting a ride, but even more terrifying than his first. I have sent e-mails to all my book-loving friends and recommended THE EXPENDABLE MAN to them. I will not compare Pollak to anyone else because where his writing is concerned, there is no comparison. A new and shining star is on the horizon.”

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