Introducing Retired Albany Police Detective Jake Barnes and my 4th novel, In the Game

It’s 1999. Robert “Jake” Barnes has been forced to retire as detective on the Albany (NY) Police Department due to health issues only months after his wife died of cancer. Rather than work in his garden or take up golf, however, Jake still yearns to be a useful member of society. Then, the name of a local dentist appears in a newspaper story about the death of a young professional woman on a singles group trip––the same man whose name had come up twice before in connection with the deaths of women he’d been dating. Although Jake’s daughter is concerned that he’ll jeopardize his health, he decides to get back into the game and begins to work the case.

Given that the suspect may be innocent and his health may not hold up, is the price of trying to bring a suspect to justice too high for a retired detective to pay? There’s only one way to find out. In the Game is now available in print and e-book editions from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and CreateSpace (paperback copy).

In the Game was conceived many years ago. I was not satisfied with my first drafts and put it aside until early this year (2013). With help from several friends and professionals, I now feel comfortable making it available to the reading public.

A big thank you goes out to faithful beta readers Barbara Sullivan, Connie Jo DiCruttalo and Pat Capano as well as Jude Ferraro, who read a very early version. Dr. Curtis Mills helped me with medical questions and Susan Uttendorfsky of Adirondack Editing did a fabulous job proofing the final draft.

Whether you get the paperback or digital version, I think you’ll be impressed with the cover design by Kelly Mullen of InVision Studios in Albany, NY, based on the outstanding illustration provided by Michael Bagnardi.


Footnote: In the Game takes place before my second novel, Making the Grade (2012). In fact, Shannon Lynch makes a cameo appearance in In the Game, as Jake Barnes did in Making the Grade.  Will there be a third mystery set in Albany, NY? Time will tell, but the best way for you to find out is to be on my email newsletter mailing list and/or subscribe to my Write or Wrong Blog.  You can sign up for both on this website.


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