Shining review of In the Game

Here’s what reviewer Joymarie had to say about my latest novel, In the Game:

“Because he is really into his work and he invites you, by his marvelous prose, to travel with him and Jake down a road of mystery, murder and investigative sleuthing. Mr. Pollak just seems to have a tight grip on each of these elements and the genius to put it into tantalyzing prose.

If you can read the first chapter and not continue relentlessly to the end of this novel, you deserve some kind of medal which I find hard to classify. This author has just entralled me with his skill at telling a story without skipping a beat.

I have one recommendation to the reader…make sure to take a breath now and then. And to those of you who have not yet discovered Peter Pollak; give yourself the gift of his novels.

Read and enjoy.”

In order to discover whether she’s right, you’ll have to order a copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble’s websites because there are no bookstores carrying the book as of yet. That’s purely my fault. I just sent out the information to several stores this past week. I’ll let people know when stores have copies, so until then you’ll have to obtain it online in paperback or e-book format.

Here are some links to save you time;

Amazon (paperback or for the Kindle)

Barnes & Noble (paperback or for the Nook)

Smashwords: (to read a sample and/or download in any format other than for Kindle or Nook)

P.S.: Many thanks to everyone who has read the book and posted a review yourself or told a friend or passed your copy on to someone else to read. You’re the cat’s meow!


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