The Chronothon: A Review

The second in a projected three-story fantasy series by up and coming writer Nathan Van Coops, The Chronothon tells the story of a young man who is forced to compete in a dangerous race while trying to reunite with the daughter of the inventor of time travel.

In Van Coops’ first book, In Times Like These, Benjamin Travers and friends are inadvertently transported back in time. The story tells of the adventures that befall them in their efforts to return to their own time and introduces Dr. Harold Quickly and his daughter Mym with whom Ben becomes enthralled.

The Chronothon begins with Mym showing Ben around the world of time-travel, but when Ben gets separated from Mym, he innocently agrees to participate in a charity time-travel race, a chronothon.

Although Ben learns that some of the people associated with this event may not be on the up and up, he is coerced to participate. Here is where Van Coops’ ingenious imagination takes hold. Each leg of the race takes us to a new location and new place in time as well.

The contestants are required to obtain objects from each location––a futuristic scavenger hunt. In the process Ben forms alliances and makes friends, but as the race progresses, it also becomes more and more dangerous and the underlying rationale behind strange events begins to take shape.

Van Coops handles the tricky problem of mechanics of time travel adeptly––the reader learns how it works as well as its limitations as Ben learns. The cast of characters is deftly drawn and helps keep the reader engaged. The romantic element is handled with a light touch––which fits the needs of the story.

As he nears the finish line, Ben realizes more is at stake than winning the race. His life is in danger as well as that of his friends. Van Coops ratchets up the tension as their survival comes down to Ben. The Chronothon shows In Times Like These was not an accident. I’m ready for volume three.

The author provided me with an advance copy of The Chronothon in return for an honest review. The Chronothon will be released on or about February 2, 2015. Pre-release sales for the Kindle edition have begun on the Amazon website.

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