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In the Game is a Murder Mystery Featuring Retired Albany PD Detective

NOVEMBER 5, 2013––Peter G. Pollak has released In the Game––his fourth novel, a murder mystery set in Albany (NY), featuring Jake Barnes a retired Albany PD detective. Events take place in a fictional John Boyd Thatcher Park, at the Omni Hotel in downtown Albany and other area landmarks.

A prequel to Pollak’s second novel Making the Grade (2012), In the Game is the story of a former police detective who is driven to pursue a man he believes has killed two women. Except instead of having the authority and resources of the police department for whom he worked for twenty-five years, Barnes has to investigate the suspect despite being retired as a result of health issues that cropped up soon after the death of his wife.

Ignoring the wishes of his daughter and negative feedback from his former boss, Barnes is not willing to let a likely murderer go free. In the course of his investigation, we learn why Barnes became a cop, how he deals with the difficulties of pursuing a suspect everyone else thinks is a good guy, and discover whether Jake’s instincts are right or if he’s overcompensating after having been forced to retire before he was ready.

In the Game was edited by Susan Uttendorfsky of Adirondack Editing. The cover design was provided by Kelly Mullen of InVision Studios based on an illustration by Michael Bagnardi. The same team produced the cover for Making the Grade.

In the Game is available in paperback and e-book formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers.

Peter Pollak is available to the media for interviews and will send out review copies upon request.

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