Suspense in the Adirondacks: Last Stop on Desolation Ridge

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ELKRIDGE, MD––(4/20/2013)–– How would you feel if you woke up in a hospital with no memory of who you are or how you got there only to find out someone had tried to kill you…and they’re still out there?

Set in the year 2003, Last Stop on Desolation Ridge is the third self-published novel written by Peter G. Pollak, a class of 1978 Ph.D. graduate of the University at Albany. Last Stop takes place in Gloversville, New York and the Adirondacks

Pollak’s first novel, The Expendable Man (2011), a political thriller, involves a business executive framed by a powerful political figure; his second, Making the Grade (2012), which features a rookie, female police detective, takes place in Albany, NY.

Pollak began writing fiction after retiring from readMedia, Inc. the company he founded (as Empire Information Services) in 1985. Pollak is chairman of readMedia’s board of directors. He also serves as managing partner, publisher, and editor of The Empire Page––a website that helps people stay on top of the news about NYS government and politics.

A review copy is available upon request.

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