Press Release introducing House Divided, my forthcoming thriller

ELKRIDGE, MD – December 17, 2014 – House Divided, Peter G. Pollak’s 88,000-word fifth thriller, is now available for pre-order purchase on Although fiction, this novel paints a very real picture of the devastating impact that the Palestinian-Israeli war could bring to America’s shores.

House Divided depicts my genuine concern about terrorists using naïve young people to achieve their goal of destroying Israel,” said Pollak. “It also shows how families can be torn asunder in a world where truth can be hard to come by.”

House Divided will become available in print and e-book format February 2, 2015.

About the Novel

In House Divided, Alison and Leonard Robbins disagree about how big a mistake their  college student daughter is making by joining the radical Students for Palestinian Justice (SPJ).

Alison Robbins believes Courtney needs to be allowed to make her own decisions, but retired CIA agent Leonard Robbins, who heads up a counterterrorism task force, fears she’s in over her head. Neither, however, foresees the very real danger their daughter faces. Anti-Israeli terrorists are recruiting SPJ members to bomb Jewish organizations and they have their sights set on Courtney Robbins.

If Courtney doesn’t see the truth in time, it will be up to her parents to stop the terrorists before their daughter becomes their latest victim.

About the Author

Peter G. Pollak is a native of Gloversville, NY. He has been an educator, journalist, and entrepreneur.

Pollak envisioned becoming a writer as a teenager, but did nothing to act on that desire, other than take a creative writing elective as an undergraduate. At times he would get an idea for a story or a novel and spend a few hours putting words on paper and later storing paragraphs on his computer. When he stopped working fulltime, Pollak made a commitment to himself to finish the story that now exists as The Expendable Man, which was published early in 2011. Making the Grade followed in the spring of 2012; Last Stop on Desolation Ridge appeared in January 2013 and In the Grade in November 2013.

Media Contact:  Susan Lider

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