House Divided Preview Available

House Divided, my 90,000-word thriller, will not be available until February 2nd, but you can preview the book and read the first three chapters at

Then, if you own a Kindle or read books on your PC or iPad using the Kindle app, you can pre-order a copy of House Divided at

What My Editor Said About House Divided

Here’s what the woman who did the final edit on House Divided wrote after she’d finished the book:

“I must say that you tell one terrific story. I really enjoyed reading it. Your use of dialogue to tell the majority of the story still amazes me. You also did a great job with characterization, plot, the outcome, and the wrap up. I am truly impressed.”

This is from someone who edits books for a living, folks. I was truly floored when I saw her remarks because that’s exactly the response I’m hoping to get from everyone who reads the book.

Paperback Version News

Of course, not everyone has a Kindle. Some of you prefer holding a book in your hands. As of today, you’ll have to wait until February 2nd to order your copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. That may change. You may be able to pre-order a paperback version as well as the Kindle version. Stay tuned.

I’ll also let you know when bookstores have copies to sell and where I’m doing signings. My first signing of 2015 will be March 14-15 at the Tucson Festival of Books. Arizona in March, anyone?

If you have a Nook, Kobo or other e-reader, don’t worry. You’ll be able to obtain a copy for your device starting on February 2nd.

Until then, however, check out those opening chapters and get a head start on House Divided.

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