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The first review of my forthcoming thriller, House Divided, has been posted on Goodreads by Nathan Van Coops, author of two dynamic time-travel novels In Times Like These and The Chronothon. Here’s what he has to say about House Divided:

“Peter G. Pollak gives us a thriller that hits close to home in House Divided. Writing from an obvious depth of knowledge on the political forces involved in the Israel-Palestine conflict, he presents us with a plausible and terrifying glimpse of what could happen when the fallout of Middle East tension lands on American shores.

“Leonard Robbins is a seasoned former CIA agent, adept at searching out terrorists, but when terror comes knocking at American Universities, the president asks him to root out the villains behind it before more innocent civilians die. Calling into play his considerable knowledge and political connections, he’ll use every skill at his disposal to hunt down the terrorists; but when the enemy is using college co-eds as assassins, how do you know who to hunt? As he gets closer to finding his target, they also get closer to his family, even inside his own home.

“A scary look at an all too possible future, House Divided questions the way America deals with the ongoing conflict in Israel and presents a thought-provoking perspective of how terror could be bred in our own backyards. Pollak’s easy style and heavy research into the reality of modern day terrorism make for compelling reading.”

Get Started

You can get started reading House Divided even before the book comes out February 2nd. Download and read the opening chapters by going to this web page: Preview.

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