House Divided’s Acknowledgements Page

Here is the Acknowledgements page from House Divided:

I owe a debt of gratitude to a number of people who helped me at various points in the writing of this novel. Hoping not to forget anyone, thanks go to Edward Beck, my expert on the Arab-Israeli conflict, members of the crime fiction Linked-Inn interest group who helped with firearms and explosives, and Paul Joseph Wood on Naval careers. Salvatore Scibona (author of The End) and Ann Mallen provided input on the opening chapters.

I’m grateful to critique partner Sonja Hutchinson and to Nathan Van Coops (author of In Times Like These and The Chronothon) whose insights and recommendations made this a better book.

Susan Lider, who is serving as publicist for House Divided, provided valuable input into the manuscript as well.

To the extent to which House Divided is free of grammatical and spelling errors as well as typos, my thanks go to Adele Brinkley’s With Pen in Hand editorial service with an assist from Barbara Baird Sullivan who proofed an earlier version.

My most important fan and traveling companion Jude Ferraro contributed in too many ways to cite.

Any remaining typos, grammatical, or other errors are fully my responsibility.

Once again I called on Kelly Mullen of InVision Studios for the cover design and once again I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Cover design is only one graphics area in which she is highly skilled.

The events of House Divided were conceived as a work of fiction. Let’s hope they remain so. All characters, places, and events sprung from my imagination.

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