House Divided: Fact or Fiction?

While the story I tell in House Divided is fiction, the premise is grounded in fact. In the novel, I posit the next wave of terrorist attacks takes advantage of the naivete of young Americans who have fallen prey to an anti-American, anti-Israel ideology that is prevalent in many schools and colleges.

Real world examples of that very situation crop up regularly. One occurred just this week when two American women were charged with plotting to bomb an undisclosed location. The two women, who describe themselves as members of ISIS, had “repeated contacts with members of al-Qaeda” according to the Washington Post.

Another aspect of my novel, the infiltration of the U.S. by terrorists from the Middle East, is also grounded in fact. Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, has been quoted as fearing that terrorists could use loopholes in the visa waiver program to enter the U.S.

Further, as of earlier this year, the U.S. had not defined a clear path to prevent the return of Islamic State trained terrorists to American soil. Unfortunately, all it takes is a few determined terrorists to cause considerable death and destruction.


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