Editor Praises Two Books

I received a nice review of In the Game and House Dividied from my neighbor, writer-editor Jo-Anne Surrette. Here’s what she says:

“One of the reasons why Peter Pollak’s novels are enjoyable to read is that his characters have “sticking power.” When I hear a title of his, one or more of his characters’ names comes up and I remember some aspect of their issues. Whether it is the way Shannon Lynch mulls over a problem or Jake Barnes takes stock of what his research amounts to, his “people” are realistic enough to identify with and care about.

In the Game presents a dilemma shared by many forced to rekey their life style. Pollak offers a very realistic portrayal of how an ordinary guy with decent skills wrestles with it. The fact that Jake Barns uses tools available to almost everyone to resolve his problem permits the reader to identify with the steps Jake takes to achieve his goal.

House Divided is another Pollak novel that brings the reader to a dilemma we care about and want to resolve. As this latest work demonstrates, Pollak hasn’t lost the knack of keeping it real. He also continues to inform the reader as he works the plot so you come away knowing a little more than you might when you begin the journey. Best of all, his “clean” use of the language, no frills or empty phrases, lets the reader move through the text with no distractions. Pollak is definitely worth the energy it takes to step into the world of fiction and look around.”


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