Five Star Review

Here’s the latest review of House Divided by author and Oberlin College class of 1965 classmate Judith White:

Whew! What an exciting ride. I sailed through the short, dense chapters of House Divided impatient to know what happened next.

The research is amazing. Very authentic and authoritative. Also, so current with references to the Boston Marathon bombers, for example. Full of numerous, but distinctive colorful characters.

Given the clear delineation of responsibility among the characters, one might assume the author lived and worked for decades in one or more of the many federal agencies working to identify and apprehend those responsible for a series of bombings. The writing has the assuredness of an insider.

Yes, one particular group is responsible, yet I could not discern any bias on the author’s part. Peter G. Pollak carefully explains (via his characters, of course) both sides of the complex Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

That ethnic/religious/territorial conflict also has far-flung repercussions on individuals– in this case on an American family. There are lessons here for idealist young people whose naiveté can lead to disaster.

Loved the feminism too. A female president of the United States plus the two characters who save the day at zero hour: Mother/wife/former FBI agent, Alison, who puts her training to good use and elusive, irritating, but brilliant Russian, Ekaterina.

Highly recommended.
***by Judith K. White, author, Amsterdam Trilogy

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