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I am a writer of genre fiction, but I am also engaged in the political realm. As a result, it seemed logical to have two separate blogs–one for each kind of post. For that reason I created PollaksPolitics.com, a blog where I post my thoughts on political issues.

In case you’d like to label me before reading these, call me a Jeffersonian. I believe in the kind of democracy that the founders envisioned which expected its citizens to have a stake in society, to be informed, and to take responsibility for themselves and their families, not the kind that grants one a vote just because you reached the proper age. Remember much evil has come about due to elections in societies that lacked the foundations of a democratic society, which include a constitution guaranteeing rights of free speech, religious liberty, a free press–in essence the rights embodied in the first ten amendments to our constitution.

Here is a list of some of my recent posts with links. Please feel free to comment and to share.

* Should the U.S. recognize Palestine?, March 31, 2015
* Warren, the ideologue, gets it wrong again, May 10, 2015
* Rescuing Baltimore: Let the residents rescue themselves, May 31, 2015
* The Israeli Solution: A Review: Part I: The Two-State Chimera, June 26, 2015
* The Israeli Solution: A Review: Part II, July 12, 2015
* Does Israel’s response to the Iran deal show ingratitude?, July 20, 2015

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