All pluses at the third Creatures, Crimes and Creativity Conference

A small, but enthusiastic group of writers and fans attended Intrigue Publishing’s third Creatures, Crimes and Creativity conference this past weekend in Hunt Valley, Maryland. It was my first C3 confernce, and I’ll make an effort to attend next year depending on where and when it is held since for me the conference was all pluses.

To begin with, my short story “The Great Satan,” was included in the conference anthology along with stories by Andy Straka (one of the keynoters), crime writer Michael A. Black, Sandra Campbell, paranormal, writer-editor-publisher Weldon Burge and conference co-coordinator and private eye author Austin Camacho.

I also served on a workshop panel, where I received an unusal compliment. The format had three writers taking turns reading a few pages from each other’s books, after which the audience had to guess which of the three was the writer.

I was siting between two women, Ayesha Shoulders, writer of contemporary fiction, and Sharon Buchbinder, who writes paranormal romance and suspense. Ayesha read an early scene from In the Game, my fourth novel, which features Robert ‘Jake’ Barnes, a recently retired police detective who is obssessed with proving a local man has gotten away with murdering two women.

The audience was evenly divided: half thought Shoulders had written the passage; the other half thought it was by Buchbinder. If I can write a domestic scene that people think was written by a woman, that’s pretty high praise.

I also picked up some useful tidbits from panels run by Trace Garner, S.D. Skye, Straka, Burge, Campbell, and others. That plus making several new friends added up to all gold stars on my scorecard. Thanks Intrigue.

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