DSCF0770_2Question? Why did you start writing novels?

Answer: After I retired, I started writing novels because I’m passionate about sharing my stories with people who love to read.

I first envisioned becoming a writer as a teenager, but did nothing to act on that desire, other than take a creative writing elective as an undergraduate. At times I would get an idea for a story or a novel and spend a few hours putting words on paper and later storing paragraphs on my computer. When I stopped working fulltime, I committed myself to finish the story that now exists as The Expendable Man. It took me eight months to complete a first draft and another six months to whip it into its current shape (with the help of several volunteer editors).

Readers told me they liked the story and so I’ve kept on writing. I pour my heart into each story in hopes my readers will not just like, but love each story. Here’s what I’ve accomplished thus far:

The Expendable Man, became available early in 2011, Making the Grade, a murder mystery featurning a female detective came out next in the spring of 2012. A suspense that takes place in the Adirondacks in upstate New York, Last Stop on Desolation Ridge, appeared in January 2013, and In the Grade, my second Albany police procedural appeared in November 2013.

The novel I’m most excited about is House Divided which was published in 2015. I had to tell this story because I feel so strongly about what’s going on at some of our colleges and universities. If you care about young people, about the threat of terrorism, and about combatting anti-Semitism, I know you’ll like House Divided.

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Peter G. Pollak, April, 2017


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