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DSCF0770_2Question? Why did you start writing novels?

Answer: After I retired, I started writing novels because I’m passionate about sharing my stories with people who love to read.

I first envisioned writing novels as a teenager.  At times, I would get an idea for a story or a novel and spend a few hours putting words on paper and later storing paragraphs on my computer. When I stopped working fulltime, I committed myself to finish the story that now exists as The Expendable Man.

Readers told me they liked the story and so I’ve kept on writing. I pour my heart into each story in hopes my readers will not just like, but love each story. Here’s what I’ve accomplished thus far:

Following The Expendable Man, I produced  Making the Grade, a murder mystery featuring a female detective.

A suspense that takes place in the Adirondacks in upstate New York, Last Stop on Desolation Ridge, appeared next, followed by In the Grade, my second Albany police procedural.

I tried something a little different with House Divided. I had to tell this story because I feel strongly about what’s going on at some of our colleges and universities. If you care about young people, about the threat of terrorism, and about combating anti-Semitism, I know you’ll like House Divided.

Inauguration Day is a political thriller featuring a Secret Service agent who is asked to undertake an off-the-books investigation.

My latest novel, Missing, is a departure from the previous six. It features a mixed race female protagonist––Melanie Randolph. Motivated by the murder of a childhood friend, Melanie devotes her life to helping women and children as a private detective. That job is not without danger, however, as she finds out in this novel.

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