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Ill-Fated: A Creative Y.A. Novel Flawed by the Author’s Failure to Hire an Editor

Ill-Fated, despite its brief title, is a creatively-written first novel by Katherine M. Frey (aka Evelyn Ink) that succeeds on many levels—character interest, plot and vocabulary. I particularly like Ink’s invented words, such as moonspell, deckstormer, wandrian, questling, et al, which are neatly defined in the “espistemological expicarium” (aka index). I won’t summarize the story, […]

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A Review of Ellen Ullman’s By Blood (Picador, 2012)

Just when you thought you couldn’t read another novel about the Holocaust, Ellen Ullman comes along with one that doesn’t feel like one for the first hundred pages, by which time you’ve been sucked into her story of a disgraced, male university professor eavesdropping on a female psychologist’s sessions with a young female patient, only […]

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Review of Dream by Robbi Sommers Bryant

I was asked to provide an impartial review of Dream, a novella, by Robbi Sommers Bryant for Robbi Sommers Bryant’s novella Dream is a satisfying adult fairytale, which works as long as the reader doesn’t probe too deeply into the logic of the story. The story begins with Veronica, a woman who has affairs […]

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