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A Giant of Moral Clarity Offers Solutions to Israel and the West

Never Alone is Natan Sharansky’s fourth book, after Fear No Evil (1986), the story of his surviving nine years in the Soviet Gulag, The Case for Democracy (2005), his thesis that democracy should not be abandoned as a force in international relations, and Defending Identity (2008), countering the tendency to universalize values on the assumption […]

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When is a Criticism of Israel, Anti-Semitic?

Some people like to argue that Jews are overly sensitive about criticisms of Israel, accusing them of being anti-Semitic when they’re only criticizing Israeli policy not Judaism or the Jewish people. First, let me point out that Israelis themselves are often critical of government policies. So, the notion that one can’t criticize Israeli policy doesn’t […]

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This is the final part of my report on my recent trip to Israel to learn how to fight media bias.

Here’s a headline from the New York Times dated November 22, 2015: “1 Israeli and 3 Palestinians killed in Attacks in West Bank.” Nothing wrong with it, right? Wrong. Can you detect the flaw? Here are the facts. On the day in question, one Israeli was killed and several others were wounded in three separate […]

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Part II of my report on my recent trip to Israel

An important part of Honest Reporting’s mission is giving people the skills to evaluate news content about Israel. They do that by monitoring the media and responding to problematic media coverage. They also host “missions”––week-long events where people come to Israel to learn media evaluation skills and see what’s really going on “on the ground.” […]

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