May 15, 2015

Editor Praises Two Books

I received a nice review of In the Game and House Dividied from my neighbor, writer-editor Jo-Anne Surrette. Here’s what she says: “One of the reasons why Peter Pollak’s novels are enjoyable to read is that his characters have “sticking power.” When I hear a title of his, one or more of his characters’ names comes up and I remember some aspect of their issues. Whether it is the way Shannon Lynch mulls over a problem or Jake Barnes takes stock of what his research amounts to, his “people” are realistic enough to identify with and care about. “In the Game presents a dilemma shared by many forced to rekey their life style. Pollak offers a very realistic portrayal of […]
April 3, 2015

House Divided: Fact or Fiction?

While the story I tell in House Divided is fiction, the premise is grounded in fact. In the novel, I posit the next wave of terrorist attacks takes advantage of the naivete of young Americans who have fallen prey to an anti-American, anti-Israel ideology that is prevalent in many schools and colleges. Real world examples of that very situation crop up regularly. One occurred just this week when two American women were charged with plotting to bomb an undisclosed location. The two women, who describe themselves as members of ISIS, had “repeated contacts with members of al-Qaeda” according to the Washington Post. Another aspect of my novel, the infiltration of the U.S. by terrorists from the Middle East, is also […]
March 27, 2015

Beginning Novelists: Is Self-Publishing the way to go?

If you’re a first time novelist and you think your novel is ready for public consumption, you’re probably haunting author discussion groups looking for advise on whether to self-publish or not. While any analysis can’t cover all circumstances, I hope this broad overview will help you begin to ask the right questions. There are clear benefits to being published by a for-profit publishing house. These include Professional editing Professional cover design Professional marketing (cover blurb, branding, marketing pitch, etc.) Pre-publication publicity, including advance distribution to trusted reviewers Listing with distributors that feed bookstores and libraries Inside edge for subsequent titles The disadvantages of Traditional Publishing are: In most cases you need to find an agent to represent you Finding an […]
March 7, 2015

Reviews extol House Divided; E-sale ends March 13

Four and five-star reviews of Peter Pollak’s thriller House Divided are pouring in to Amazon and Goodreads’ websites. Aly writes: “I was intrigued by the unique flow of the story. It was a well-written plot. The characters seem to come alive for me. This book was very good and I’m glad I gave it a shot.” E.M. writes: “Mr. Pollak certainly knows how to craft a thriller. This book is hard to put down and reminds us of our vulnerabilities to terrorism. Great read.” Classy writes: “Mr. Pollak’s handling of the extremist characters was realistic without being overly drawn. The young protagonist was true to that age group.” Jack writes: “This is a very good read for anyone looking for […]
February 22, 2015

Press Release: First Reviews of House Divided

First Reviews are in for House Divided – the heart-wrenching story of a war no family should have to fight alone Peter G. Pollak’s thriller depicts the dire consequences of allowing Islamic terrorism to infiltrate American shores ELKRIDGE, MD – February 22, 2015 – The first reviews are in for House Divided, Peter G. Pollak’s 90,000-word thriller. Adele Brinkley, owner of With Pen in Hand editorial services, writes: “I must say that you tell one terrific story. I really enjoyed reading it. Your use of dialogue to tell the majority of the story still amazes me. You also did a great job with characterization, plot, the outcome, and the wrap up. I am truly impressed.” Nathan Van Coops, author of […]
February 3, 2015

House Divided’s Acknowledgements Page

Here is the Acknowledgements page from House Divided: I owe a debt of gratitude to a number of people who helped me at various points in the writing of this novel. Hoping not to forget anyone, thanks go to Edward Beck, my expert on the Arab-Israeli conflict, members of the crime fiction Linked-Inn interest group who helped with firearms and explosives, and Paul Joseph Wood on Naval careers. Salvatore Scibona (author of The End) and Ann Mallen provided input on the opening chapters. I’m grateful to critique partner Sonja Hutchinson and to Nathan Van Coops (author of In Times Like These and The Chronothon) whose insights and recommendations made this a better book. Susan Lider, who is serving as publicist […]