October 31, 2014

Revising House Divided

Many people experience divided houses––when family unity is torn assunder by big issues, such as when a child announces she or he is gay or a child adopts a new religion or changes political party. These divisions are among the most trying experiences we humans ever face––only loss of means of support and war are more disruptive. The pain people experience when these things happen can go deep, resulting in depression or at least lethargy and inertia. The conflict that can result can lead to divorce as well as lost contact. In my forthcoming novel, House Divided, the daughter Courtney has chosen to join a college group which puts her at odds with her parents––more so with her father than […]
August 27, 2014

In today’s post I answer the question: “When will I be able to read your next novel?”

After self-publishing four novels in a relatively short period of time––The Expendable Man in February 2011, Making the Grade in April 2012, Last Stop on Desolation Ridge in February 2013, and In the Game in November 2013, I went back to a coming-of-age fantasy I’d started ten years earlier. That book is projected to run over 200,000 words, and has been a struggle to organize. Parts of it have come together easy, but how to handle other parts remain unresolved. Instead of continuing to bang my head against my keyboard, in March of this year I put that project aside and started working on a new thriller. The first draft of House Divided was completed earlier this month. I’ll be […]
December 1, 2013

About Peter G. Pollak

Question? Why did you start writing novels? Answer: After I retired, I started writing novels because I’m passionate about sharing my stories with people who love to read. I first envisioned becoming a writer as a teenager, but did nothing to act on that desire, other than take a creative writing elective as an undergraduate. At times I would get an idea for a story or a novel and spend a few hours putting words on paper and later storing paragraphs on my computer. When I stopped working fulltime, I committed myself to finish the story that now exists as The Expendable Man. It took me eight months to complete a first draft and another six months to whip it […]