January 16, 2013

Is this a book you’d like to read?

Read this description of my forthcoming novel, <em>Last Stop on Desolation Ridge</em>, and tell me if it sounds like a book you’d like to read enough to spend $10 for a paperback or $3 for a digital copy: After a meek corporate finance officer is coerced by his boss and a coporate Congressman into confessing to having defrauded the federal government, he is hidden away in a mental hospital in upstate New York until circumstances give him a long-shot chance to save himself and start life anew. If you review books for a paid circulation publication, contact me for an advanced copy.
December 2, 2012

Where is The Last Stop on Desolation Ridge?

Identify the location of the photo posted on the Last Stop on Desolation Ridge page on my website and win a free autographed copy when the book is released. Hint: The location, which is the inspiration for the title of my third novel, is in the Adirondack Park. Last Stop on Desolation Ridge takes place in the Adirondacks and in my home town of Gloversville, New York. Like The Expendable Man and Making the Grade, Last Stop is a page-turner. The Last Stop on Desolation Ridge –– a suspense thriller — is in the final editing stage.  Watch for its release around the first of the year.