September 28, 2015

All pluses at the third Creatures, Crimes and Creativity Conference

A small, but enthusiastic group of writers and fans attended Intrigue Publishing’s third Creatures, Crimes and Creativity conference this past weekend in Hunt Valley, Maryland. It was my first C3 confernce, and I’ll make an effort to attend next year depending on where and when it is held since for me the conference was all pluses. To begin with, my short story “The Great Satan,” was included in the conference anthology along with stories by Andy Straka (one of the keynoters), crime writer Michael A. Black, Sandra Campbell, paranormal, writer-editor-publisher Weldon Burge and conference co-coordinator and private eye author Austin Camacho. I also served on a workshop panel, where I received an unusal compliment. The format had three writers taking […]
August 28, 2015

Reviews, Interviews and views (updated)

Thank you to blogger Cy Weiss for the 4-star review of House Divided. Weiss wrote, “The philosophical discussions of the Palestine/Israel conflict alone are worth the read, and as someone not highly versed in the conflict, I appreciated Pollak’s balanced and nuanced views. Overall four stars, a book I recommend reading for its strengths.” And thank you to Dee of Mum’s Writings Mystery and More who posted an interview with me on her website @ And thank you to Audrey Austin of Small Town Authors for featuring me on her website for September. Here’s the link: My small town is the village of Speculator in Hamilton County New York which is where I spend my summers. And “thank […]
July 26, 2015

PollaksPolitics: My Political Blog

I am a writer of genre fiction, but I am also engaged in the political realm. As a result, it seemed logical to have two separate blogs–one for each kind of post. For that reason I created, a blog where I post my thoughts on political issues. In case you’d like to label me before reading these, call me a Jeffersonian. I believe in the kind of democracy that the founders envisioned which expected its citizens to have a stake in society, to be informed, and to take responsibility for themselves and their families, not the kind that grants one a vote just because you reached the proper age. Remember much evil has come about due to elections in […]
May 15, 2015

Editor Praises Two Books

I received a nice review of In the Game and House Dividied from my neighbor, writer-editor Jo-Anne Surrette. Here’s what she says: “One of the reasons why Peter Pollak’s novels are enjoyable to read is that his characters have “sticking power.” When I hear a title of his, one or more of his characters’ names comes up and I remember some aspect of their issues. Whether it is the way Shannon Lynch mulls over a problem or Jake Barnes takes stock of what his research amounts to, his “people” are realistic enough to identify with and care about. “In the Game presents a dilemma shared by many forced to rekey their life style. Pollak offers a very realistic portrayal of […]
May 4, 2015

Newsletter Alert: How to Sign Up

Why do I publish a newsletter in addition to this blog? The answer is the blog is public; the newsletter is not. I share stuff in the newsletter that you won’t learn about for months if ever if you only read my blog. For example, I’ll introduce you to my next project in the forthcoming newsletter. I only publish the newsletter about four times a year and it’s not long. So you don’t have to worry about being inundated. My next newsletter is coming out shortly. Sign up here.
March 7, 2015

Reviews extol House Divided; E-sale ends March 13

Four and five-star reviews of Peter Pollak’s thriller House Divided are pouring in to Amazon and Goodreads’ websites. Aly writes: “I was intrigued by the unique flow of the story. It was a well-written plot. The characters seem to come alive for me. This book was very good and I’m glad I gave it a shot.” E.M. writes: “Mr. Pollak certainly knows how to craft a thriller. This book is hard to put down and reminds us of our vulnerabilities to terrorism. Great read.” Classy writes: “Mr. Pollak’s handling of the extremist characters was realistic without being overly drawn. The young protagonist was true to that age group.” Jack writes: “This is a very good read for anyone looking for […]