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The Expendable Man has received 4.8 stars on Here are a few quotes:

  • This book moves along, keeping the reader engaged throughout. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys books about espionage and intrigue.”
  • “Pollak’s novel led me along quietly until I found myself completely involved in the characters and the outcome.”
  • “As a thriller enthusiast, I found The Expendable Man to be a “great read”. It has an intriguing plot and fast-paced action – just the right ingredients to keep you hooked on the story.”
  • “I was hooked by page 3 and making comparisons to John LeCarre. Fast-paced, very believable dialogue, intriguing concept, especially about the gene therapy. I liked the many levels and layers of involvement, from government, to the medical community. Highly recommend it.”
  • “There’s something in here for everyone. It’s a combination of a political thriller and international spy novel with a touch of science fiction. The plot is complex, with a fair amount of twists and turns, but the author does a great job of making it easy to follow. A great book for your next vacation or summer reading.”


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Peter G. Pollak