November 24, 2013

C.N. Lesley’s Darkspire Reaches Earns Four Stars

Darkspire Reaches is a fantasy novel written by a wonderful story teller. Lesley’s alternative world of First Born peoples, Angressi, Samara maidens, wyvern/drakken, et al, is inventively imagined. Her characters, even when their motivations are not well explained, are distinctive and compelling. The main plot––a young girl searching for her identity––while not original––is originally handled. One of the themes, however, fell short: her world contains people who fear magic and those who possess and exploit it. The basis for this dichotomy is not developed nor it is used in a way unlike its use in dozens of other books. Darkspire Reaches reads like two separate books that are loosely tied together. In the first half, a young woman named Raven […]