January 27, 2014

Interview with Eric Bakutis, author of Glyphbinder

Last year (2013) saw the release by McBryde Publishing of T. Eric Bakutis’ debut novel, Glyphbinder. Strongly influenced by his experience as a game programmer (see below for details), Bakutis’ novel is suitable for fantasy fans from young adult through seasoned citizens (like myself). A revealing author’s note which follows the story prompted this reader to want to learn more about Eric’s journey. To learn more about Eric, visit his website at http://www.tebakutis.com/books.htm.   Q#1: Glyphbinder is your first published novel. In your author’s note, you reveal that it took multiple drafts and 15 years to get published. That shows remarkable perseverence. What kept you going? I started writing Glyphbinder in 1998 and finished the first draft in 1999. It […]