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The Strangers Among Us: Three Novels by Elizabeth Brundage

The Doctor’s Wife (Plume, 2005) Somebody Else’s Daughter (Plume, 2009) A Stranger Like You (Plume, 2011) There are many things to praise about Elizabeth Brundage’s novels. She tackles controversial topics innovatively through the interplay of highly drawn-out characters; she is in command of the language––the reader is never jerked out of the story by a […]

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How Two Novels Handle Contemporary Issues

How skillfully novelists handle contemporary issues can distinguish an average story from a very good one. Two books I read recently for book clubs help us see the rewards of mastering this aspect of fiction writing. Somebody Else’s Daughter by Elizabeth Brundage (Viking, 2008) Somebody Else’s Daughter would have been a worthwhile read had Brundage […]

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