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PBS Film Review: 1913: Seeds of Conflict

The discovery of a film made in1913 entitled “Life of the Jews in Palestine” served as the stimulus for this PBS Special. Using cuts from the film, which show the earliest pictures of Jewish settlers, old photographs, and actors speaking the words of people living in Palestine in that era, Ben Loeterman, writer and director, […]

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The Response to Violence in the Middle East: A Review of Anita Shapira’s Land and Power

Anita Shapira, Land and Power, The Zionist Resort to Force, 1881-1948 (Stanford University Press, 1992) Little did I know when I began reading Anita Shapira’s monumental study a month ago that events in the Middle East would provide an extra incentive for acquiring the knowledge imparted in these pages. Although Shapira’s book is tough reading […]

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